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Mpumalanga – Kruger National Park

Mpumalanga & Kruger National Park: Experience Wildlife and Scenic Splendor

An enthralling journey with South African Secrets as we guide you through the captivating landscapes of Mpumalanga and the iconic Kruger National Park, meticulously tailored for our bespoke luxury holidays. Begin your exploration in the crown jewel of wildlife conservation, Kruger National Park, Africa’s largest game reserve. Here, the untamed wilderness unfolds, offering a sanctuary for an astonishing array of wildlife. Picture yourself on exhilarating game drives, witnessing the Big Five in their natural habitat, and savoring the thrill of being immersed in the heart of the African bush.

Venturing beyond, discover the scenic wonders of the Panorama Route, where the Blyde River Canyon mesmerizes with its breathtaking vistas. Feel the spray of the cascading Berlin Falls, marvel at the dramatic rock formations of Bourke’s Luck Potholes, and absorb the awe-inspiring beauty of God’s Window.

Engage with the captivating wildlife at Moholoholo, an animal orphanage, rehabilitation, and breeding sanctuary committed to preserving South Africa’s natural heritage. Delve into the rich history of the original gold-mining town of Pilgrim’s Rest, where time seems to stand still, and the echoes of a bygone era resonate through charming streets.

Conclude your adventure by exploring the mysterious Sudwala Caves, where ancient rock formations and subterranean wonders create a fascinating underground realm. Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of wildlife encounters, captivated by scenic wonders, or intrigued by historical gems, Mpumalanga and Kruger National Park promise an immersive experience meticulously crafted for our bespoke luxury holidays. Every moment invites you to be a part of a unique South African narrative, where nature, history, and adventure intertwine to create lasting memories.

Top 5 Attractions

  1. Kruger National Park

    • Africa’s largest game reserve

  2. The Panorama Route & Blyde River Canyon

  3. Moholoholo animal orphanage

    • rehabilitation and breeding sanctuary

  4. The original gold-mining town of Pilgrims Rest

  5. Sudwala Caves

The Wildlife You Will See

Bespoke Luxury Holidays - South Africa - Rhino

The ‘Big Five’

Bespoke Luxury Holidays - South Africa - Kruger National Park

The ‘Small Five’

Bespoke Luxury Holidays - South Africa - Hippo


Bespoke Luxury Holidays - South Africa - FAQ's

Wild Dog

An Example Guided Tour, through Mpumalanga & Kruger National Park

Bespoke Luxury Holidays - South Africa - Kruger National Park

Days: 1 to 5  

Arrive at Nelspruit Kruger International Airport. Collect your hire car and drive 1 hour to our favourite place – Rissington Inn, for your 4-night stay on b&b basis.

With comfy individual rooms and suites, set in 10 acres of flourishing gardens, Rissington Inn is the perfect base for touring the wonders of the Panorama Route and the Mpumalanga area.

Great food and friendly service.

Days: 5 to 8  

After breakfast leave for Plains Camp, Kruger Park. Your 3-night accommodation includes a sleep-out and walking safari within Kruger Park in a tented camp.

The tented camps in Kruger Park combine the allure of traditional safari living with modern amenities, providing a harmonious blend of rustic charm and luxury. As you retire to your tent, the canvas walls bring you closer to the sounds of the wild

On your final day, you will spend an unforgettable night in the bush in a giant treehouse.

Bespoke Luxury Holidays - South Africa - Kruger National Park
Bespoke Luxury Holidays - South Africa - Kruger National Park

Optional Days: 8 to 14 

A journey of exploration and relaxation as you face the delightful decision of flying to either Cape Town or Durban, unlocking four days of diverse experiences tailored to your preferences.

If you opt for Cape Town, brace yourself for a city that seamlessly blends natural beauty with cultural richness.

Alternatively, choose Durban, a coastal gem that combines beachside bliss with a rich cultural tapestry. The Golden Mile’s sun-kissed beaches beckon, inviting you to relax or partake in water sports against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean.

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