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Botswana and Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls: A Symphony of Nature’s Grandeur

Step into the realm of wonder as South African Secrets introduces you to the breathtaking Victoria Falls, a jewel in the crown of our bespoke luxury holidays. Known as the “Smoke that Thunders,” this natural spectacle is a harmonious symphony of grandeur, where the mighty Zambezi River cascades into a misty abyss, creating an enchanting display of rainbows and sheer power.

Your journey with us promises not only a visual feast but an immersive encounter with the raw energy and captivating beauty of Victoria Falls. Whether you’re exploring the rainforest trails, embarking on a thrilling helicopter ride for an aerial perspective, or indulging in a sunset cruise on the Zambezi, every moment at Victoria Falls is an invitation to witness nature’s grandeur at its finest.

Botswana: Wilderness Wonders Unveiled

Welcome to Botswana, a masterpiece of wilderness artistry seamlessly integrated into our bespoke luxury holidays. Discover the enchanting Moremi Wildlife Reserve, where the wild reigns supreme, offering unparalleled opportunities for game viewing and embracing the untamed beauty of nature. Traverse the vast landscapes of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, where open horizons and diverse ecosystems create a canvas for an authentic safari experience.

Uncover the mysteries of Botswana’s past through the ancient rock paintings of the San tribe, connecting with the cultural heritage of this extraordinary land. Journey to the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, where the ethereal landscapes and the historic Kubu Island unfold stories of time and transformation. In Botswana, every corner is a testament to the country’s commitment to preserving its natural wonders, ensuring that your bespoke adventure unveils the true essence of this wilderness wonderland.

Top 5 Attractions

  1. Victoria Falls
  2. Moremi wildlife reserve
  3. Central Kalahari game reserve
  4. The ancient rock paintings of the San tribe 
  5. Makgadikgadi salt pans & Kubu Island

The Wildlife You Will See

Bespoke Luxury Holidays - South Africa - Botswana and Victoria Falls

Chobe River Elephants

Bespoke Luxury Holidays - South Africa - Lions


Bespoke Luxury Holidays - South Africa - Botswana and Victoria Falls


Bespoke Luxury Holidays - South Africa - Botswana and Victoria Falls

Variety of Bird-Life

An Example Guided Tour, through Botswana & Victoria Falls.

Bespoke Luxury Holidays - South Africa - Botswana and Victoria Falls

Days: 1 to 4  

Arrive at Kasane Airport to be met by a representative from Bakwena. Transfer to the fabulous riverine woodland eco-sanctuary of Chobe Bakwena Lodge, owned by Jenny and Adam Young, who are indigenous Bakwenan tribe’s people.

Included in your 3-day stay are 2 activities a day, including game drives, boat cruises, bicycle tours and village walks. Bakwena offers outings as part of its Social Responsibility Programme and to encourage better understanding of the local Kazangula community.

Days: 4 to 10  

Your Bakwena rep will drive you to Kasane Airport where you will meet your Beyond rep. Continue on your Superior Explorer Safari.

This adventure offers 6 nights of mobile camping in the spectacular regions of Botswana’s Chobe National Park and the Savute and rounds off your journey with a delightfully indulgent 2-night stay at a luxury &Beyond lodge in the Okavango Delta.

Bespoke Luxury Holidays - South Africa - Botswana and Victoria Falls
Bespoke Luxury Holidays - South Africa - Vic Falls

Days: 10 to 13  

Transfer to Ilala Lodge for a 3-night stay, just a short walk from the entrance to Victoria Falls.

They can arrange a spectacular 30-minute helicopter ride over the falls, or a visit to Devil’s Pool, adjacent to the famous Livingston Island. Or how about jumping on board Loco 512 for a vintage steam train journey to a sunset cocktail sensation, with Victoria Falls as the jaw-dropping backdrop?

Day: 14 – Transfer back to Victoria Falls Airport for your flight to Johannesburg and onward flight home.

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